Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Challenge *Day 21*

Day 21 — Something you know you do differently than most people

I had to ask my husband this question...because I could not think of anything...and he came up with something that I never would of thought of, but is soo true! SNEEZE! 
My toddler imitates me perfect. I am going to try to describe it. I wish I could add a sound clip but for once I am not sneezing today. (thank goodness) First off you will never see me cover my mouth whngen I sneeze. You might think "ew" but I hold in the spit. I taught myself how to do this years ago because the whole spitting while sneezing just grossed me out. So I got that part down...but the sound that I make with it amuses most. Its like this high pitched noise that makes everyone look at me like I am crazy if they do not know what I am doing. Sometimes it can be ear piercing, I will admit that. My son will do it after me and laugh. So I am assuming it is an amusing noise. HA! 

Embarrassing story to go with it. I was in high school and I was sitting in class one day, it was quiet and I had to sneeze...easy right? Well I held it in to make this little noise but it was a little  lot stronger then I expected so I made this blow out weirdo noise and everyone looked at me not knowing what I was doing. I was like "oops my sneeze came out" hahaha. So crazy. 

So there it is...I sneeze different then most!

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