Thursday, September 23, 2010

Challenge *Day 22*

WHOO HOO...caught up! I feel so bad, I should be doing this everyday rather then playing catch up!

Day 22 — A website

I was introduced to a new website this week, and I am addicted. It is called You can earn "swagbucks" and get great things. I admit, some of the prizes are not that great until you get a lot of points saved up, but they do have awesome gift amazon. Friends of mine have got like $15 worth of amazon gift cards within 2 weeks by just using the tool bar and searching using their search engine. money for using theirs? I can handle that! I am halfway to a $5 gift card to Amazon and I just started using this site 2 days ago...and wasn't on the computer all but 5 minutes yesterday, so  I would have to say that is hella good. I suggest everyone that is reading this click on the link that I am about to share with you and sign up...just try it and let me know what you think. I downloaded the toolbar and whenever I go to a site I search for it using the search bar and there are many times I am awarded 12 SB's just for searching! How awesome is that! Love it! Seriously, sign up and try it...and no I am getting NOTHING for doing this post, I am posting about it just because I love it that much!

click the link below....!!! 

Search & Win


Susie B. Homemaker said...

I have heard so many people talk about Swagbucks but have yet to check it out for myself. Maybe I'll do it tonight, just maybe... :p

Martini Mama said...

if you do it...if you would sign up with my link i would heart it! <3