Monday, September 20, 2010

Judge-mental mom...but at least I admit it.

Since I have become a parent I have noticed I am very judge mental. I do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Okay, maybe I have always been judge mental, but now I think it has gotten worse. I just notice little things when I am shopping in a store or at a restaurant and think to myself "these parents need a reality check." Is it just me or are some parents just clueless on how to parent their children? I was told that when my son was born it was going to be this hard task. My friends now tell me they had no hope for me. They thought I was going to be this overprotective crazy mother that had not a clue what she was doing. They now tell me that they were wrong about that. They thought I was going to be uptight, scared to let my child breath on his/her own...but they think I am a laid back very good mom. At least this is what they tell me! haha. I like to believe them when they say that. I was scared at first when I found out I was pregnant because I never even changed a diaper in my life. After Xavier came into this world it was completely natural. It is not brain surgery on how to raise a kid if you are confident in yourself. I see some parents that are over protective, and try to make their kids perfect. It freaking drives me insane when I see this. I was at the store the other day and I was letting Xavier pick out a son is 2 1/2 and he loves action figures (especially spider man) I see nothing wrong with this at his age, he loves them...they make him happy...he is good with them...whats the biggie? Right? Anyway this little boy saw Xavier picking one out and the mom was like "no you are only 2 you are way too young to get into action figures!" Seriously? He is a boy? What do you want him to play with? I would say if he is showing interest then what is the big deal? Same with watching cartoons? Xavier loves all types of cartoons, there are some that I can not stand, but I have to let Xavier pick what he wants to watch sometimes (making sure it's not bad) and let him grow as a person. I can not see limiting him to only educational cartoons. Some cartoons will never make what...sometimes us parents watch things that do not make sense to the children? It makes us happy...and if that cartoon is going to make my son be it.

Maybe people are judging me for being too laid back, but my son is growing up good. He can count over ten, count to 10 in spanish, sing is ABC's...I would say that I am doing a pretty damn good job. Does this give me a right to judge others? I don't know. I guess everyone judges.

I just hope that little boy that was not aloud to get an action figure because he was "too young" gets one soon and whacks his mom over the head with it as hard as he can "by accident." HA.


Susie B. Homemaker said...

I know everyone judges- it's human nature. But I wanted to share... right after we had our first baby we lived w/ another military couple down south. They had a 2 yr. old already and we had a newborn.

I remember my hubby and I judging them all the time- our child will never eat hotdogs, our kid will be potty trained by then, our kid won't throw food on the floor, our kid won't be that wild & crazy, etc... 5 years later, we have 3 kids and totally understand now what they were going thru w/ a toddler.

All that to say- just realize that everyone parents differently and what works for you may not work for them and vice versa... and you never know, your perspective could always change as the years go on. ;-)

Martini Mama said...

See, I always think about that...every parent is different and it doesn't mean that they are bad parents or anything like that. i just can't stop judging. i think this is something i really really need to work on. oh, and I was the same tv, no hot dogs, little one is watching dora eating a hotdog as i type this!

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